Welcome to Uldor Uldor is an MMORPG set in a fantasy universe where players can explore a vast open world, embark upon epic quests to slay monsters, participate in large-scale PvP battles, and thrive in a truly player-driven economy. Free to Play Gamers can play Uldor for free. Our job is to provide a fun gaming experience and deliver a transparent game economy and let players decide what they want to spend on. Enhanced Ownership Players have enhanced ownership of their assets with transparency, verifiable scarcity, and the ability to sell, trade, or send their assets to other players as they see fit. Early Game Mode - The Dread Arena Our first game mode is set in the arena. The Dread King (formerly emperor Draga) has summoned forth a horde of undead minions to test your strength. This early mode allows players to try out our completely custom combat and movement system and get a feel for the game as we continue to develop. Expect more improvements, content, and competitive modes to come in the future!

Uldor Dread Arena

Role-Playing, Adventure