The Beacon is a free-to-play multiplayer action rogue-lite RPG, currently in development. Players will venture into dungeons, defeat evils, explore the world with friends, and expand the Beacon's light. --- GAMEPLAY MODES Single-player PvE: Players enter a unique dungeon every time, battle monsters, and upgrade their combat prowess and style as they progress. Players will need good timing and reflexes to defeat in real-time challenges they face. The further players progress, the tougher the challenge, but the richer the rewards. Co-op PvE: Players dungeon-crawl together as a party. Homestead Mode: Players can customize their character and home, and interact with players in an MMO-like world outside the dungeons. --- CURRENT DEVELOPMENT: GAME PROTOTYPE PHASE Players can currently experience a very limited single-player PvE. Each week, free-to-play players will have access to 2 different dungeons while those playing with Founding Characters will have access to 4 different dungeons. Players can complete a dungeon once per character, free or Founding. Those that complete a dungeon will be rewarded with in-game items. Only those who play with a Founding Character may receive in-game items that are NFTs. Players can also customize their home, while only those with a Founding Character can customize their character. --- STORY Welcome settler! You arrive in a dangerous, faraway land. The city of Altaris has dispatched its citizens here on a mission. The Beacon that lies in the heart of the city is waning, its protection weakening. And so, you must help secure the resources needed to sustain it. Venture into dungeons, defeat evils, and expand the Beacon's light!

The Beacon

Action, Adventure, Role-Playing, Rogue-lite