ONI'S QUEST is a next gen roguelike deck-builder that draws inspiration from Japanese mythology, creating a magical, lore-rich world full of mysterious kami and yōkai. Each progressively harder region of the game is home to a diverse and unique ecosystem full of different yōkai, encounters and bosses, culminating in an epic battle with the Worlokk of the Void. Can you master each of the 4 different hero classes and challenging, strategic card-based gameplay to defeat the Worlokk of the Void and restore peace to the Isle of Geoda? ABOUT THE EARLY ACCESS BETA (MAC & PC) How will you play? The Heroes of Geoda come from 4 different classes, each with their own play style and in-game strategy for you to learn and master: - The Ninjas, specialists in stealth and poison. - The glass-cannon, elemental Worlokks. - The mighty Ronin power-houses. - And the spiritual Sohei warrior monks. Tactical turn-based combat Create powerful synergies and strategies for each hero class to overcome your enemies through cunning and creativity, by using your deck of action cards curated through each playthrough. Make the most out of every card and every turn, your success depends on it. Choose your path The journey through Oni's Quest has many routes, it is up to you which way you take. Each offers different types of encounters, so choose wisely for your best chances of success. Will you take the safest path? The one with the chance of the richest rewards? Or perhaps you'll take the path best suited for a speed run or high score challenge? Every choice matters... Every run is unique Each playthrough is procedurally generated, every encounter randomized so no two playthoughs will be the same. Stay ready for anything, you never know what awaits you in each encounter. Get rewarded During the BETA players will also be able to take part in high score leaderboards for the chance to win prizes. PLANNED FEATURES FOR THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH Free-to-Play By being Free to Play (F2P), Oni's Quest is entirely accessible and inclusive for all. In the official launch, holders of our Genesis collection, will also benefit from additional in-game experiences such as unique hero powers and better rewards. Craft your perfect hero Even ultimate heroes need quality equipment. A good work person never blames their tools, but packing a demon glass katana never hurt... Collect and upgrade 'Loadout' digital collectibles and equip them to your heroes to gain the edge on your journey. Every advantage counts. Complete challenges to earn real-world rewards Challenges are the best way to earn rewards from playing Oni's Quest, and will change periodically. From speed runs, high scores, daily logins, defeating certain bosses or unlocking regions with a specific hero class, there will be plenty of obstacles to overcome and rewards to unlock. MWOR Rewards! By playing Oni's Quest, players will also be able to accrue rewards such as $YOH and Loot Chests to give you more playability and expand your collection, better preparing you to undertake the Oni's Quest once more! MWOR Features! Additional game modes and dynamics to test your strategy card gaming skills FIND OUT MORE: Website: https://www.yokai-kingdom.com/ The Story So Far: https://vimeo.com/717909746 Game guide: https://yokai-kingdom.gitbook.io/onis-quest-guide/the-game/what-is-onis-quest Discord: https://discord.com/invite/FncuawMDyZ

Onis Quest