The Dragonfly Social Club is the hottest and most hoppening spot in all of Frogland. The towering brick building at the heart of the bustling central business district serves only the most fly brow of clientele...despite the owners' reputation for doing just about anything in the pursuit of profit. Not even a sketchy back alley scene or a gruesome murder could empty the waiting list, as frogs flock to the club for the decadent drinks and sultry live jazz performances. Even Madame Chirpira's tawdry parlor tricks are all the rave when surrounded by the glitz and glamour of Frogland's finest. The Dragonfly Social Club is a multiplayer vertical slice featuring: web3 wallet login via QR code, NFT loading, persistent user instancing, text chat, spatial audio chat, 'find a friend' capabilities, private rooms, and event hosting capacity. This demo is continually updated with patches and support as we continue to build out more of the metaverse, and is a launchpad for future experiences.

Dragonfly Social Club

Role-Playing, Simulation, Adventure