UNLEASH THE FURY OF TITANS! Discover a whole new universe with CyberTitans! This strategy video game opens up a world full of action and tactics, where only one player can stand on the 64 squares of the arena. Combine the unique titans to enhance the most ingenious synergies, as each game presents new challenges and requires constant adaptation during the course of the game. GAMEPLAY CyberTitans is a strategy video game in the auto battler genre. The action takes place in 8-player online games, where each one forms his team of titans and chooses his own strategy to be the last one standing. The arena, or battlefield, is made up of 64 squares (32 for each player) divided into 8 rows and 8 columns. There are 2 main types of games: QUICK GAMES and TOURNAMENTS: GAME MODE: Quick Game 20 minutes games of 8 online players, where the TOP3 get a prize based on their position. Player will able to decide between a FREE GAME or a LITT GAME, with different amount of rewards. We just implemented the 1v1 and 4-players modes! GAME MODE: Tournaments Simple bracket structure with games of 8 players. The TOP4 of each game advance to the next round, with a repeated process until the final round is reached. The rewards of course will be huge, but for the high stakes CyberTitans offers the CHALLENGER TOURNAMENTS, which are daily challenges in which players can participate and qualify for great prizes by paying the entrance fee or redeeming the CTTs (obtained via QUICK GAME and TOURNAMENTS). PUBLISHER LitLab Games is the first Esports developer and publisher launching games backed by blockchain technology with a crypto-based economy. As a first project, we aim to be a Blockchain gaming publisher leader.