Bunny Count is an online first person / third person stuffed animal shooter . Featuring classic game types Capture The Flag , Team Deathmatch, Domination and Kill Confirmed as online and offline game modes! It is the Bunnies VS The Bears ! Who are you gonna be? Works great for Local Area Networks and Parties! HyperPlay Enabled for earning tokens to use in game and online! Just click on the Hyperplay logo to connect , after a few seconds your wallet address will appear at the top of the screen. Future updates include a store and a portal to the BunnyVerse! See you on the Bunny Field ! Matchmaking provided by Epic Games Online Services. No account needed , login is anonymous and usernames will be set to your UD or ENS name! WASD , Xbox Controller, "P" to cycle fp/tp characters!

Bunny Count 3

Action, Adventure